5 Most Common Questions Painters Are Asked

5 Most Common Questions Painters Are Asked

1. How much will this cost ?

For your convenience and cutting straight to the chase, we provide a written estimate on the spot. Our estimates are all “Ala carte”. The client is able to check what they want and what they don’t want. We also provide prices on our website.

2.Can’t you just paint it ?

Before painting anything, it’s important to determine what you want the finished product to look like. If you’re looking to paint a room and there are water stains on the walls, you have to prime the walls first before painting. If there are any kinds of discrepancies in your walls—holes from nails, cracks from settling or remnants of previous interior painting jobs—you have to repair them first before painting.”.

3. What kind of paint do you use?

We tend to use a lot of Sherwin Williams.  We use these on a daily basis, their performance is second to none, most customers have heard of them with their strong presence.

 4.How long will the exterior paint job last?

We usually ask, “How long would you like the paint job to last?”  An exterior paint job usually lasts from 5-8 years, depending on the side of the house, the trees and shrubs around the house, and rain runoff . The two major factors that count when having a paint job last on an exterior are extensive prep prior to painting and quality of paint.

5.What kind of paint sheen do you recommend?

The paint’s gloss reflects the shine, reflection, and function of the paint: glistening (high gloss) is easy to clean but requires flawless surfaces to avoid any visible dust. Semigloss’s sheen is an easy clean paint shine that’s most popular for trim and doors. Eggshell’s sheen is popular for walls in our area because it has washability and can be touched up to a point without it being too noticeable. . “My suggestion from experience is to buy the best paint you can afford as in most cases you get what you pay for.”

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