5 Reasons to paint the exterior of your home this spring!

Is the exterior paint on your home near the end of it’s life expectancy?

Maintaining a quality coat of paint on the exterior of your home or property is extremely important. Here are several reasons why you should
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  1. ProtectionPaint, Stain and Caulk are the only coatings that protect your substrates from the elements such as the sun, rain, wind, dirt, hail, & snow.

  2. Property Value–Statistics show that a well maintained home can bring the value up 30%

  3. Time for repair– The prep work that goes into an exterior paint job usually reveals the many areas in need of repair. It doesn’t take long for exposed wood to begin rotting. Paint does have a expiration date.

  4. Curb Appeal–  Spruce up your home in order to increase curb appeal for potential buyers.

  5. Go Modern– Your home may be a severely outdated color or combination of colors. Pastel colors, for example, can hardly be called modern. If you want to update an older home or stay on the cutting edge of home design, consider painting your home white, stony gray, or another metallic color.

Why should you trust us?

Our professional painters at GLSpainters have painted over 300 exterior homes. We understand the the quality of the paint work is in the preparation when achieving long lasting results. Our process begins with professional powerwashing. This removes all mildew, mold, dirt, chalky residue, and loose paint.

When the existing paint is failing, we hand scrape the areas and prime with a “Peel Stop” primer prior to painting. Wood joints are caulked. Windows are re-glazed if needed. Holes are filled and loose trim is re-nailed.

In general, we always recommend two coats however, if we are matching an existing color and your current paint has remained in good condition, we can achieve a quality paint job with one coat to save on your budget.

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