6 Common Home Painting Mistakes

o-it-yourself painting has become very popular. So, too, have painting mistakes, especially in the home.

If you’ve tried to paint your home on your own, you have likely run into issues. Whether the problems you experienced dealt with the wrong tools or the misuse of the right ones, they can be costly mistakes that could require you to start all over.

So, let’s take a look at six common home painting mistakes.


  1. Not preparing properly – In just about anything you do, it is best to be prepared. Clean walls and carefully placed painter’s tape are two critical parts of prep. Even professional painters spend a large chunk of time on prep; and that’s why they get the job done so well.
  2. Ignoring the importance of primer – Primer is a necessary aspect of painting, and skipping over this step is a big mistake. Particularly if you are trying to paint over a preexisting color, you will experience some pretty unsightly results.
  3. Using non-painters tape – Yes, it’s cheaper, but if you decide to use some type of tape other than painter’s tape, you’re going to have trouble getting the job done right.
  4. Painting all over the place – For the best look, always – always – paint from the ceiling toward the floor.
  5. Choosing the wrong colors – There isn’t much in life more frustrating than realizing you chose the wrong shade of blue for your living room after you already bought the whole bucket. Always be sure to test it before splurging.
  6. Not covering everything before starting – Always cover everything. It will save you a lot of cleaning up time and headaches!

If DIY Isn’t for You

DIY painting certainly isn’t for everyone, and hiring a painting contractor to do the job guarantees beautiful results. Look no further than GLS Painters, the best painting contractors in Sicklerville, NJ! Call us today and we’ll take care of your home painting job from start to finish!