From Drab to Fab: How Cabinet Refinishing Can Transform Your Home's Décor

From Drab to Fab: How Cabinet Refinishing Can Transform Your Home’s Décor

When you hire professionals for cabinet refinishing, it’s easy to create your dream kitchen without breaking the bank. Refinishing is a simple project that delivers high impact and can transform your home’s decor. Your cabinets will look brand new again after the refinishing process!

Save yourself time and money by hiring skilled craftsmen from GLS Painters. We assist with the entire process, from choosing the right type of paint to applying the final splash of color. Our professional cabinet painters take time to prepare the surface to achieve flawless results with cabinet refinishing in Mullica Hill.

Why Consider Cabinet Refinishing in Mullica Hill?

There are several reasons to take on this project, but the primary one is to change the look and add value to your home. Below are all the benefits of cabinet refinishing:

Add Value with Cabinet Refinishing

An outdated kitchen detracts from your home. Even if the finish is still in good shape, the style puts potential buyers off. They might see it as a sign of poor maintenance or that the home is not move-in ready.

While some people relish the challenge of updating a property, most want to move in with minimal effort. Those willing to do the work will offer below the asking price for the inconvenience.

Changes the Feel of Your Home

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and a dreary kitchen drags the rest of the space down. Something as simple as changing the color and hardware instantly updates a room and creates a fresh ambiance.

Say, for example, you have dark pine cabinets. While they were no doubt in style when you first got them, they can tend to seem a little overbearing over time. Introducing a lighter color through cabinet refinishing instead can make an oppressive kitchen feel light and airy.

The colors of your fixtures can make a significant difference. While most of us focus on changing the wall color, cabinetry often has more impact in a kitchen. There is no rule that you must stick to light colors, either.

You could choose to go from light to dark for a dramatic effect or to make a cavernous kitchen seem more cozy.

Instant Updates

Some colors from the 70s, like avocado green, will live in infamy. Other style choices, like tiny floral patterns or grubby melamine, give your home an outdated feel. Fortunately, it is relatively simple to change things up without spending a fortune on new furniture.

Refinishing the cabinets is usually the most important part of the update, and implementing new hardware is an inexpensive way to make your kitchen feel modern. From there, you may decide to paint the kitchen walls and, if necessary, update the appliances.

Your new-look cabinetry can spark a whole new adventurous phase for your kitchen.

Saves You Money

Why remove the cabinetry’s framework if it is still in good condition? Unless you need to rearrange the layout significantly, refinishing your cabinets can dramatically improve the space without spending a fortune on new cabinets. By keeping the existing framework, you save the cost of the materials and labor to replace it, and your expensive remodel becomes much more affordable.

Another thing to consider is that the existing framework may be more customizable than you think. Drawers will stay where they are, but you can add shelving or change the way the cabinets open to make them even more functional. You can even look at adding clever inserts into previously wasted space.

Takes Less Time and Is Less Messy

A complete renovation can mean living with messy construction work for weeks or months. Cabinet refinishing can be done on-site or at the company’s workshop and is a relatively quick process when left to the professionals.

We spend much of our time carefully preparing the surface. Then our team sprays the new coating on to ensure an even application with no brushstrokes. The process can take as little as a day or two, depending on how many cabinets there are and how quickly everything dries.

More Environmentally-Friendly

In some cases, contractors can save the cabinets for re-purposing when replacing them. Most of the time, however, it is simpler to demolish the existing structure. Refinishing your cabinet means that the existing materials stay out of the landfill.

Another potential benefit is that older paints and varnishes may contain heavy metals or have a high VOC count. By painting over these, you seal in those compounds and thereby protect your family.

Delivers Professional Results

Most people have some DIY makeover projects sitting half-unfinished in the garage. Maybe you even tried to repaint your cabinets yourself and didn’t like the results. Refinishing is about more than simply sprucing up the look.

We carefully repair minor surface imperfections before we prime the surface. We use the best quality paint and equipment to achieve a flawless finish. People who don’t know better will think you bought new cabinetry! A professional finish is indistinguishable from a new build.

Trust GLS Painters for All Your Cabinet Refinishing Needs!

For over a decade, the New Jersey community has trusted GLS Painters. We’re fully licensed and insured and work to the highest quality standards. If it isn’t good enough for our homes, we won’t use it in yours. Contact us at (856) 238-1288 for the best cabinet refinishing services at competitive rates.