How To Choose A Painting Contractor

So you’ve been looking around the house and it looks a bit plain. Seeing the same colors everyday since you’ve moved in?  You talk it over with hubby and he says find us a painter. Well how do you start that process? You turn to Google and type in painters near me and of course there’s a long list. How do you narrow it down?

  • Well first how far are they from your home? You don’t want to hire someone that’s too far out.
  • Do they have a website? A website is the quickest way to get the majority of the information you need.
  • Look at their reviews how many do they have. More importantly what do they say are people pleased with their services? Would they recommend them to others
  • While looking on the website see if they are licensed and insured. This is a major one you want someone who is a professional at what they do. Also if they have insurance incase something goes wrong.
  • Look at the picture gallery on the website. You can also ask them to provide pictures that pertain to your specific project.
  • Pricing isn’t everything if you want a great job you have to pay a little more for it. It’s a good idea to shop around but don’t pinch pennies on something as important as your house cheaper price does not mean better quality.
  • Are they available for the timeframe you are looking for?
  • Are they personable and accessible? This company will be in your home if they aren’t considerate and well mannered it might not be a good fit.


Use these steps and this will help you choose the best contractor for you and your family. Good luck on your search and I hope this will help bring some color into your home.

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