The Initial Meeting with a Painting Contractor

If you’re thinking about hiring a painting contractor for the first time, you’re probably wondering what that process consists of. Once you’ve chosen one, what goes on during that initial meeting when the contractor comes to the job site?

We’re here to help you better understand that first meeting. From planning to preparation to inspecting security hazards, your painting contractor will accomplish a lot in that short visit.

Inspect All Surfaces

A good contractor will be sure to inspect every surface that you want them to paint. This gives them an idea what condition your walls, doors, etc. are in so they can better prepare for the job, as they may need to repair small damages and/or remove old paint or wallpaper.

Measure and Estimate Pricing

Your painting contractor has his/her own system for pricing – which is based on the amount of rooms, paint, and other materials required to get the job done. For this reason, the contractor will likely take a few measurements of the area to better estimate the rate.

Assure Safety

Especially for an exterior job, your contractor will need to know if their workers will face any danger (such as great heights) so they can be properly prepared with the right equipment.

Ask About Color Choice

You will likely have a good idea what colors and shades you want for your paint job, so this is typically a pretty easy part. However, a contractor can help you to choose what might look best if you are undecided, and then plan accordingly when they come to do the job!

Now that you know exactly what to expect, give us a call! And if you want the highest quality paint job from the top painting contractor in Sicklerville, NJ, make sure GLS Painters is on the other end of the line.