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Recently we had the opportunity to spruce up the benches in our neighborhood. We took the challenge head on! We were faced with heavy rain showers which delayed the project. My Hoa president only requested that the wood was to be painted or stained. “We went the extra mile”

Our initial analysis:
1. Very worn and abused wood (we cant blame the residents, we blame the application)
2. Closely I noticed, splashes of stain on the beautiful iron structure of the benches
3. I was sure that the benches were applied with a light coat of low quality stain - deep scratches and missing stain was present
4. Some slabs of wood were loose
5. Rust damage on iron (not properly primed)

The system we choose:
Product - “Emerald” by Sherwin Williams (Exterior - Acrylic- THE BEST PRODUCT - SW offers)

Craftsmen Operating Procedures:

1. Scrap wood
2. Sand wood and iron
3. Clean with denatured alcohol 
4. Tighten bolts securing wood
5. Apply 2x coats of dtm (direct to metal) “Gloss Black” to iron
6. Apply 2 coats to wood

Done ✅ 

The average person would think a repaint is just slapping on paint and moving to the next job. 
As you can see alot time and effort goes into our craftmenship to achieve a quality job. Upholding the necessary standards for the job is key . While every project is different, our core system stays the same:
1. Setup
2. Prep
3. Paint (notice where this falls in the order of ops)

If you have a custom bench, table, or any exterior furniture. We can paint those as well.

Jeremy N Fyfe 
Curator of Culture/ Color


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