Interior Painting Services in Mullica Hill, NJ

While painting might seem like a DIY-friendly project, achieving great-looking results is more difficult than one might think. There are so many fine details, like corners, baseboards, and door jams, that can make the process frustrating or time-consuming. GLS Painting has been painting south New Jersey homes since 2009, and we can help you transform and beautify your home!

Reinvigorate Your New Jersey Property with Interior Painting

Our interior painting service includes walls, baseboards, ceilings, trim, and more. Experts recommend a new coat of paint every 5 to 7 years to keep your home looking fresh and up-to-date. So if your walls are dull, or you’re simply looking to change up the aesthetic, it’s time to paint. Interior painting is a quick and budget-friendly way to remodel your bedroom, living room kitchen, bathroom, foyer, or any other space!

Benefits of Interior Painting Services

Improves Air Quality

Over the last few decades, paint quality has drastically improved. Now, most interior paints are zero to low VOC, which means they emit fewer toxins into the air you’re breathing. Fresh paint reduces dust, pollen, and allergens. It also might remove mild odors that could be trapped in old coats of paint.

Increases Home Value

Whether or not you’re hoping to sell your home, interior painting is one of the most affordable ways to increase home value. It can make an aging house appear much younger. New paint catches buyers’ eyes, and it communicates that you’ve taken care of your home.

Boosts the Mood

Color and shade have profound effects on the human psyche. A bright-colored accent wall sparks new energy. Whites and neutrals promote feelings of clarity and contentment. Blues and greens create a sense of peacefulness. You spend a lot of valuable time in your home, so it’s important that the atmosphere makes you feel good.

Adds Beauty

New paint refreshes a home with vibrancy and brightness. It looks cleaner and easily covers old stains and scratches you’ve made over the years. You can pick colors that suit your personal style, as your home should also be unique to you. The best part about interior painting is that it’s a low-risk remodel. If you change your mind in a few years, you can change the color again without a huge expense.

Makes Rooms Appear Bigger or Smaller

Paint shades can make a room feel bigger or smaller. A lighter color creates the illusion of a larger space, so consider this for a room that you wish had a few more square feet. A darker color, on the other hand, can make spaces feel smaller and cozier…perfect for a theater or den!

The GLS Interior Painting Process

  1. Consultation. We want to understand your vision, and we can help you select the color(s) if you need help deciding.
  2. Preliminary steps. We’ll take measures to protect your furniture, decorations, and light fixtures from stray paint. We’ll lay down drop cloths wherever needed to protect your floors and appliances.
  3. Paint preparation. Preparation is our key to precise and efficient painting. We will remove wall plates, tape, sand, and patch drywall prior to painting.
  4. Paint. Now that the walls are ready for their new coat of paint, we’ll use high-quality paint products that leave a beautiful and even finish.
  5. Inspection and touch-ups. Before we close the can, we will do a thorough inspection of our work to make sure every line is crisp and every detail is up to our high standard.

We Use Products You Can Trust

After many years of interior painting experience, we have determined which products to use for the best, longest-lasting results. We use Sherwin-Williams paints and Graco and Wooster tools.

Why Choose GLS Painting?

GLS Painting is set apart from the rest. We are selective about the individuals we hire for our team, making sure that every one of our painters is highly skilled and fully background checked. Customer service and satisfaction are important to us. We want you to love the final product, so we guarantee your satisfaction against any flaw caused by our team.

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