Exterior House Colors That Work

How are you going to choose your home color?

You are getting ready to repaint your home and would like a color change.  Maybe it is your “new” home and looking to make it “your house”. Maybe it is just time for a change. It’s time to pick Exterior House colors!

What color will work for you?

  • Do you use a lighter color or a dark color?
  • Do you use a two color scheme or three or four or ?
  • Door color, shutter color? so confusing
  • Don’t forget to consider the roof shingle color and how it will affect your choice.
  • Do you leave the new garage door the factory white or repaint it? and if so what color?

Please remember there is no one correct answer and remember it is your house.

We have found many homeowners would rather see a color scheme on a home than try to guess and put samples all over their home.  We often ask them to let us know a home they like and start from that color scheme and tweak it a bit to make it their own.

Large homes – Large homes can use bold deep colors with lighter accent trim.  This makes a statement and with a touch of a third color on shutters or exterior doors can finish the transformation.

Smaller homes – Such as capes and ranches often use lighter colors so that they would have a larger feel.

Front Entrance Door – A brighter bold front door partnered with a lighter colored home makes a striking and eye-catching entrance and focal point.

Shutters – If you would drive thru most neighborhoods you will find many similar colors of shutters. BlackGreen, Cranberry, or White .  We find these to be the most common as many that are vinyl and purchased at a big box home improvement store are of these colors as purchased in stock.

( Other colors can often be ordered but are the exception than the norm.)

If you have wood shutters, the sky is the limit.  Fun exciting colors can make the house pop and the with the depth of a wood shutter installed on hinges adds a deeper profile and added dimension when viewing from afar.

How we assist with colors

All though some homeowners know what color they would like to paint their home, many do not so we suggest the following:

  • When going for a drive and you see a house that appeals to you , stop and take a picture.
  • If you see a house that you like, stop and knock on the front door and ask the color, many homeowners are more than welcoming to give you the color as they will feel honored you love their color.
  • Color samples applied to the house in different areas. Incorporate your trim color and at least a 6’x6′ area of siding to be able to see the full effect of the color.
  • If adding accent colors to the house to show off detailed moldings, paint a small piece of wood that color and position it in different areas against the trim color to see if “it works” for you.

If all this can be done before hiring a painting contractor to begin painting it will save time and money.

Short story 

We had a family who choose a color of their home, a few years back and did not want a sample color on the house ahead of time, as they KNEW this was the color!

The color at the time was Benjamin Moore light mocha.

This color is a nice light and subtle color, when looking at a paint card found at any paint retailer.

At the time, we had 6 painters working on the house and after one day of painting we had 85 percent of the house painted and it looked light pink, almost like a pepto bismol pink.

This color did not work for the husband and we had to repaint the house a different color and the homeowner ended up with 12 gallons of extra paint (that was of no use), the added labor cost, and an upset husband.

Read more : https://www.bhg.com/home-improvement/exteriors/curb-appeal/exterior-paint-color-trends/


Good luck with your color selection and have fun with your colors.