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Exterior Painting: When Is the Best Time for the Job?

Taking on an exterior painting project is a very big deal. Painting your home can completely change its appearance and bring a whole new life to your space. Unfortunately, there are a number of potential issues that can bring your project to a halt. From rain to heavy wind or even too much sun, all of these elements have the ability to cause significant damage to your painted surface. This makes it vital that you know when is the best time to take on this project.

Best Weather for Exterior Painting

When undertaking an exterior painting project, you need to make sure that the weather will cooperate. If the paint dries too fast or too slow, it can have a negative effect on the finished product.

Ideally, you will want to perform your painting project on a day that is warm and dry. You should check the weather on the following days to ensure you have enough time to finish the project without any interruptions from the weather should something come up.

You should also select a day for painting that does not follow a rainy day. You will need to give the exterior of your home enough time to dry out from a rain storm to ensure the paint can adhere to the surface.

Best Temperature for Painting Outdoors

Summer tends to be the ideal time for exterior painting projects. However, there are various times when you should avoid taking on this type of project. Summer will provide you with the dry and warm conditions that are ideal for painting. However, there are days when it can be too hot. This can cause paint to dry out too quickly, which can have a negative effect on the way the paint appears.

It is always best to schedule your painting tasks for days when it is not too hot outside. You should also pay attention to the humidity level to ensure that it is not too humid.

What to Avoid

There are a few things that you should avoid in order to achieve the best possible results with your exterior painting project.

Do Not Paint Outside When It Is Wet

Although it may seem like a given, you want to avoid painting outdoors when it is wet and raining. Wet conditions can cause harm to your paint and the painted surface. Water can cause the paint to thin out and will cause streaks to appear on the surface. This will require you to repaint the entire area that has been affected, which will not only waste time but money as well.

Do Not Paint Outside of a Good Temperature Range

Never paint when it is outside of an acceptable temperature range. Painting in the winter or when it is too cold can result in the paint not drying correctly. In addition, extreme heat has the ability to cause the same complications.

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