How Home Interior Painting Can Help Improve Mood and Value

How Home Interior Painting Can Help Improve Mood and Value

Interior painting is a quick and easy way to freshen a space. The right color on an accent wall can lift the space and make the room seem more in proportion. A well-chosen painting project allows you to take full advantage of every square foot of space.

In this post, GLS Painters explains how a professional painter using the right type of paint can transform your space.

How Does Interior Painting Improve Property Value?

First impressions count for a lot in the property market. While some people are willing to take on a fixer-upper project, they will want the best possible deal. They will, therefore, offer you far less than the home is worth, even accounting for the cost of painting.

It is better to complete the painting before putting the property on the market.

What Color to Paint?

Choosing the right color for interior painting is key to making a good sale. Here it is better to stick to neutral colors with wide appeal rather than bold choices. It is better to have neutrals so potential buyers can imagine themselves in the space; loud, bright colors can turn off potential buyers, limiting interest in your property.

The New Neutrals

Good neutrals include:

  • Beige is typically warm and can work as a main color or accent.
  • White is a classic but can be overpowering in the wrong context, so consider an off-white or keep it for accent colors.
  • Ivory has warm undertones and will blend with most color combinations.
  • Gray comes in various warm and cool shades, making it a versatile neutral.
  • Light blue is another versatile neutral that is always popular.
  • Gold is a lighter neutral that can add pizzaz if you choose a shade with some shimmer.
  • Tan is a light, delicate, warm brown that is inviting in most spaces.

Steer clear of any bright colors and look for soothing shades instead. It’s also possible to use varying shades of one color, like gray, to add more interest without overwhelming the senses.

You can also use paint to accent features and make the square footage of the room seem different. For example, you can make a large room seem smaller by painting it a dark, warm gray, and you can use lighter colors to create the opposite effect.

Spice Things Up

If you want to create a statement, a dark blue on an accent wall might fit the bill, but be careful to stick to accent walls. Buyers are increasingly looking for the odd pop of color to add some personality to the space. You can, therefore, consider incorporating dark shades of black, gray, and blue as accent colors when planning interior painting.

Another idea is to use contrasting colors in your kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Our team is happy to discuss the latest trends with you.

Rooms to Prioritize

Your realtor can also give you great advice on what colors to choose and where to focus the most attention. If you have a smaller budget, it might pay to focus on high-traffic rooms like bathrooms and kitchens for interior painting instead. It’s also wise to tone down rooms painted in bright or unusual colors like red or purple.

Sometimes it is simpler to paint the entire house one color to ensure flow between each of the rooms. A single color can make the home seem bigger, while disjointed colors have a jarring effect.

Choosing the Right Colors

Why listen to your realtor when choosing colors for your rooms? Proper staging helps you get top dollar for your property. If you check sites like Zillow, you will find they have statistics about the most popular paint colors.

Some of the findings were:

  • Using colors with red in your kitchen is a big no-no. They are the least favorite colors for the kitchen
  • Incorporating the Tuxedo style for kitchen cabinets (where the top cabinet is light and the lower cabinet is dark) is an excellent way to boost value.
  • Using darker neutrals in shades of brown in the dining area is a gamble and can reduce the home’s value.
  • By contrast, using warm neutrals in the living room can make the home appear more warm and inviting.
  • Using a Periwinkle blue that borders on gray is a highly popular choice for the bathroom.
  • Warm neutrals that include beige, gray, gold, and tan make it easy for buyers to see themselves living in the space. These colors match with anything and are firm favorites for decorators.
  • Contrasting colors in high-traffic areas add interest.
  • Stick to no more than three colors when you decorate the home’s exterior because this creates a disjointed look. It is also a good idea for the interior.
  • Stark white can be overpowering, so try using a cream or off-white shade instead.

Why Hire Professionals?

Painting a room seems relatively easy. There is, however, a distinct difference between slapping on a few coats and a professional application. A professional team uses top-quality equipment to produce optimal results and also has the experience to cover the square footage evenly.

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