How to paint a ceiling

When done correctly, a painted ceiling can create certain effects in a room. Just like walls, the color of a ceiling can make a room appear larger or smaller – and also more or less ‘cozy’.

Now, as for actually painting a ceiling, it gets a bit complicated. This is no easy job – and that’s why the best interior painters in Turnersville, NJ are back with some how-to tips!

The Preparation

Are you painting the walls at the same time? If not, don’t neglect to apply painter’s tape along the edges. Far too many people skip this step and wind up with messy splotches of paint all over the place.

Because of the potential for paint dripping from the ceiling, remove as much furniture from the room as you can, and put tarps down to protect the floor. Lastly, remove outlet covers.

Finally, use spackle to fill any holes in the ceiling. Trust us, skipping the spackle step will lead to an uneven finish. Sand where necessary.

The Priming

You can get away with not priming if your ceiling is in extraordinary shape. However, if there are any stains or imperfections, your paint may not cover them, so applying a coat of primer is entirely necessary for a flawless final product.

The Painting

Now you’re ready to use that special shade of paint that took you 4 hours to choose in the store!

You’ll want to start by cutting in the paint along the outsides of the ceiling. Cover about 4-5 inches of the edges, as this will allow you plenty of space to break out the big paint roller to get the rest of the ceiling.

Fill up your roller tray with an appropriate amount of paint, and use it to fully cover your roller. When applying, work on one 5-feet square section at a time, rolling in both directions. Be sure to let a coat dry entirely before making the decision if you need an additional coat.

Top Interior Painters Turnersville, NJ

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