How to Paint Cabinets: It’s More Difficult Than You Think

You want a new color update for your kitchen cabinets, so you decide you’re going to paint them. It has to be pretty simple, right? Well… not so much.

There’s a lot that goes into painting any surface. When it comes to cabinets, though, it’s an even more complex process.

One of the most important parts of the entire process is step one – and that is to remove the cabinets, knobs, and screws. If you try to paint cabinets while they are installed, you’re all-but guaranteeing a sub-par paint job. It’s also critical to find a method of marking each piece you remove; you’d be surprised how quickly you can forget what goes where.

Once removed, be sure to clean the painting surface of the cabinets. We all know how dirty a kitchen can get, and you don’t want that messing with your paint.

Removing the previous coat of paint is next, which you’ll do by lightly sanding each cabinet surface. This will give you the smoothest, cleanest-looking final result.

At this point, you’ve done almost everything you need to do before slapping on your chosen paint. However, just like with any paint job, don’t skip over the priming step. If you do, you will wind up with a blotchy, uneven, slow-drying final product. Primer creates a consistent, smooth base for you to paint on, allowing for a perfect finish and, ultimately, the beautiful look you desire for your kitchen.

Once you’ve completed all of the above steps, you can finally start to coat your cabinets with the paint of your choice.

We hope that this blog opened your eyes to the preparation process that is so critical to the final product. It’s truly not as simple as it seems to paint cabinets. And if this all seems like a little too many steps, give us a call! We’re GLS Painters, the top painting contractor in Sicklerville, NJ, and cabinet painting is one of our specialties!