Interior Paint Colors and the Moods They Create

There are lots of reasons to choose your interior paint colors carefully. For one, of course, you want it to look good!

Additionally, you’ll want to consider the mood that your color choice will create in a chosen room. This is an important consideration that often slips homeowners’ minds. Here are some colors you may want to consider, along with their corresponding meanings, feelings, and moods!

White  With white paint, cleanliness is implied. But be careful, white walls will show dirt and imperfections more than any other color!

Brown  Brown offers a feeling of warmth, and it is great for accentuating other stronger colors you may want to feature in the same room.

Gray  Gray is the color you can do the most with. An incredible amount of shades and options can provide a room with calmness and relaxation.

Black  Elegance and luxe is what you’re looking for if you’re using black paint in your home. Just be careful not to overdo it!

Red  Depending on your chosen shade, red provides radiant feelings of energy and intensity.

Yellow  Most yellow hues are uplifting and positive. Just think of sunshine makes us feel!

Blue  A blue room comes across as relaxing and refreshing. You’ll also find it relatively easy to find accent colors that complement most shades.

Green A Green is very soothing when utilized correctly. The applications of green are pretty limitless, as you can truly make it work in any room in your home.

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