Painting Kitchen Cabinets: Gray – Different Shades

The Decision

So you’ve been looking at your kitchen cabinets for years now and realize its time for a change!

They may be dated, they may be brand new, or you just hate the color (and let’s face it you always have).

The Facts

On average, a kitchen makeover can start at $10,000 for new cabinets installed. Is this in your budget?

A Painting contractor will charge roughly $1,500-$3,000 to paint kitchen cabinets (Assuming 18 doors and 8 drawers).

While, going DIY (doing it yourself) you will spend an upwards of $300-$500 in materials and oh yeah,

“A whole lot of time my friend!”

I salute the DIYers because in your heart you know you can get it done, but where is the time?!!

“Don’t Stress. Call GLS!”

That’s where we come in!

Hello, my name is Jeremy N. Fyfe, Owner of GLSpainters,

and frankly I love painting ALL cabinets.


“I sincerely want you to have the most unique kitchen!”

So, I will lay out our 13 point process for you.

Before I do that here are some things to consider after your Kitchen Cabinets are done:

1. Are you getting new hardware? Are the holes changing in size? (1 hole to 2 holes?) – Amazon or

EBay would be your best places to shop.

2. Are you getting a new backsplash?

3. Does the countertop need to be replaced?

GLS 13 point process:

1. Setup your work area (Roll out paper on the floors, plastic on desired areas, etc.)

interior painter Sicklerville NJ

2. Remove doors, drawers, and shelves

Pro Tip: Label all doors and drawers so you put them back in there right spots. 

3. Clean all surfaces with TSP (Trisodium phosphate) – used as cleaning agent, stain remover and degreaser

4. Fill the holes (if desired), nicks, any imperfections, etc. – “Drydex” by dap is our goto filler –

It goes on pink and turns white! This unique feature is the signal that it is ready to sand and paint.

5. Sand, vacuum, and tack clothes all boxes (Stationary part of cabinets – we never paint the insides)

6. Prime the boxes, drawers, and doors

7. Caulk all seams and fill cracks on boxes

8. Paint the boxes

9. Prep, Prime, and Sand Doors and Drawers

spray booth

10. Spot-Prime

11. Apply the Finishing coat the boxes, drawers, and doors

12. Allow cabinets to dry

13. Put back doors, drawers, hardware

Sit back and Smile! 🙂 

residential painting company Sicklerville NJ

Colors – Marina Gray and Gunmetal Gray – Benjamin Moore Advance Paint

We would love to assist in your kitchen transformation.

We may be contacted at 856-238-1288 or you can schedule an appointment at