Surefire Shutter & Siding Combinations

Repainting your home? Building a new one? The exterior paint colors will be one of the first things seen by your guests.

When choosing those colors, it’s important to find a great color combination between your shutters and siding. We’ve laid out a few of our favorite combination options!

White & Black

Sounds old-fashioned at first, but trust us, you can really find a cool, modern look with certain black and white combinations.

White & Navy

This is a timeless combination that looks great on many home types. You can’t go wrong with white and navy.

White/Off-White & Brown

This relatively simple combination allows you to add pops and splashes of color anywhere you want, including bright-colored trim or a standout front door.

Gray & White

If you’re looking for a really cool modern look, gray siding and white shutters could be the way to go. Using shingles that are a darker shade of gray can really tie this look together perfectly.

White & Red/Maroon

For a lot of people, red is just a must-have. Combining a matte white siding color with either a maroon or bright red is a scheme your guests will surely notice.

Gray & Black

Talk about modern! This color combination is so pleasing to the eye. In the picture above, you can see just how perfectly the gray and black are accented by white garage doors and trim – we really like this combination.

GLS Painters can help you decide which combination is best and, of course, get the job done right. We are a fully licensed and insured painting contractor in Sicklerville, NJ, and we’ve been working hard since 2009 to become the top one in the South Jersey area. You can learn more about how we got our start here, and call us whenever it’s time for your next indoor or outdoor painting job at (856) 238-1288!