The Benefits of Freshly Painted Interiors and Exteriors

The Benefits of Freshly Painted Interiors and Exteriors

Interior painting and exterior painting do more than make your home more attractive. Using quality paint will protect your walls against the elements and improves the space, and the right paint color gives an instant style boost without breaking the bank.

In this post, the GLS Painters team discusses the benefits of painting your home in greater detail.

The Value of Interior Painting in Mullica Hill

Interior painting in Mullica Hill improves the look and feel of the space. It allows you to better enjoy your home and opens up new design opportunities. A fresh coat of paint instantly freshens a room, making your property more attractive to buyers.

The Value of Exterior Painting in Mullica Hill

Exterior painting in Mullica Hill automatically improves curb appeal by freshening up the home. When you paint walls on the exterior of your home, it is like erasing all the damage done by weather and aging.

The General Benefits of Both Interior Painting and Exterior Painting

Better Property Value

It seems crazy that a coat of paint can impact property values, but fresh exterior paint can instantly improve curb appeal. Buyers who approach the house see a neat look and believe the upkeep is good.

Interior painting has a similar effect for the same reasons. A professional interior paint job will convince potential buyers that the inside is clean and tidy.

What’s more, choosing the right colors can make a big difference for the sale. Updating the look with a popular generic color can set the mood for the buyers to see themselves living in the space. You might even add an accent wall in a fashionable color for extra impact.

Opt for lighter colors to maximize the light and create a feeling of space, or instead, make a long room seem more evenly proportioned and cozy by using rich, warm colors.

If you are planning to sell your home, speak to your real estate agent or a professional house stager to learn what colors will work best in your space. Our highly-qualified design team at GLS Painters is also happy to make suggestions.

Prevents Damage

The environment takes its toll on your home, with rain, insects, fire, and pollution being just some of the environmental factors that might wreak havoc. A lesser-known benefit of both interior painting and exterior painting is that it provides an additional layer of protection.

Paints come with a range of in-built qualities today, such as:

  • Moisture guards that prevent moisture from seeping into your home and creating an ideal environment for mold.
  • Fire retardant qualities that might make all the difference in an emergency until the fire department reaches your house.
  • Built-in weather protection that can take the full onslaught of nature year after year.
  • In-built pest repellents so that pests cannot gain a foothold in your home.

Interior painting comes with just as many protective benefits as exterior paints. They tend to be easy to wash and will stand up against much abuse. A surface with high-quality paint is easy to wipe down, helping to keep the space clean.

Paints indoors can also protect against mold, pests, moisture, and fire. Some may even make it easier for those with allergies living in the home.

Instantly Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Maybe you’re selling, or maybe you just want to have the most beautiful house on the block. Exterior painting puts both those goals firmly within your reach. It’s a wonderful time to neaten the look with a fresh color and freshen up the trim, windowsills, and door too.

We also recommend taking a careful look from the outside to see which portion of the inside shows through. For example, can you see a beautiful door or beam from the window? If so, it might be worth considering some interior painting too.

It’s difficult for even the worst HOA committee to argue with the benefits of a beautifully painted home. To complete the look, it might also be wise to consider repainting the fence and garden shed if they’re visible. While both are will incur additional costs, painting them shows that you care about the small details.

Transforms the Space

Changing a bedroom color can be a right of passage. A young child may love the idea of getting rid of their “baby” wallpaper and upgrading to something more grown-up. In a similar vein, repainting can allow tweens a simple way to express their personalities that doesn’t break the bank.

You can upgrade from a baby pink room with unicorn wallpaper to a more contemporary magenta accent wall. It might be enough to make a tween feel more grown up and confident.

Better Air Quality

Older homes seem to have paint that lasts for decades, which is both a good and bad thing. It means that the paint was made to last, but it’s bad because the way previous painters were able to get the paint to last that long was by adding toxic chemicals and heavy metals like lead.

It can prove challenging to remove this paint, but painting over it has a similar effect. Today’s low VOC paints effectively seal in those old, harmful elements cost-effectively.

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