Top Three Summer Colors For Your Home

What shades say fresh air, full blooms, cool breezes and relaxed afternoons? Our designers have picked out the perfect colors to bring out the best in your home during the summer months!

Parsley Tint: The green you always wanted to try

A pale aqua green, this color is bound to turn your bedroom into a beachy getaway. It has the vibe of the sea when it’s so clear, you can see the sand through the water. This color pairs well with other green tints and classic brown cabinets.

Lemon Freeze: Get the most out of the summer’s sunniest days

Are you in your living room, or are you on a tropical island? Ask yourself again when you try this hip and sunny shade of yellow-green. The citrus color will brighten up any room, no matter how few or how many windows!

Basalt: Blue without limitations

If you could take a breath of fresh air and make a color out of it, this shade of palest, softest blue is the closest you would get. It adds an ethereal and dreamy feel to any room – but it’s never overbearing. This blue works with many additional colors and palettes. It’s a jack of all summer shades!

The Best Job from the Best Interior Painters in Turnersville, NJ

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