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Trending Exterior Paint Colors for Your Business

It’s easy for businesses to get caught up in running the show, but it begins as soon as your customers park in front of your shop. The exterior of your company tells a story. It’s the first impression potential customers will have of your establishment. Choosing the right exterior paint colors for your business is just as important as it is exciting! So, let’s explore the top trending exterior paint colors for businesses and splash some color into your vibe!

Choose an Exterior Paint With Earthy Tones 

Let’s talk about some awesome colors for your business exteriors. Right now, earthy tones are totally in! They give your place a grounded and balanced feel, making your customers feel stable and at home. Think warm beige, sand, and clay colors—they blend perfectly with the natural environment and create a welcoming atmosphere.

Bold Accents Are Trending 

As we continue down the line, let’s make your place shine. Why not stand out by adding bold color accents? Even if the majority of your exterior is neutral, a pop of color can do wonders. Imagine a vivid red door, bold blue shutters, or an eye-catching yellow awning. These elements will add excitement and grab the attention of your business.

Subdued Blues Are Great for Spas & Salons 

Now, let’s dive into the timeless beauty of blues. Lately, subdued blues have been making a comeback. They create a calming and relaxing atmosphere. Picture deep slate blue or understated sky blue. Team them up with white trim, and it’s perfect for both spas and salons looking to give that relaxed feel to their clients. Some other businesses, like seafood restaurants and coffee shops, tend to love this color.

You Can’t Go Wrong With Neutral Shade Exterior Paints

And, of course, who can resist the elegance of neutral shades? Grays and beiges are always a safe and stylish choice. They are chic and modern, giving your business a professional vibe. Plus, neutral shades provide a great backdrop to highlight signs, logos, and window displays. Modern touches of neutral shades are going to wow your employees and clients.

Neutrals With a Twist

Last but not least, let’s go all out with neutrals with a twist! Add a bit of creativity to your exterior with pale mint green or soft blush pink. These colors bring personality and excitement without being too flashy. But the point is to get customers in, are we right?

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It’s time to huddle with the crew and pick a paint color that is right for your business. Did you love these exterior paint color options for your business? We love them, too; they are trendy and can genuinely enhance that first look into your business and the vibe it sends off to current clients and potential customers. So why not get your project started today? Contact us in Sicklerville, NJ, and surrounding areas. Our team of professionals is ready to transform your business today!